Matt has lived many places including Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Georgia, Staffbut he was raised and spent most of his childhood in Florida.  In addition to playing soccer competitively for 14 years, he coached girls’ soccer for kids under eight and under ten.  He was also involved with YMCA youth programs.  Matt attended the University of West Florida in Pensacola and majored in Environmental Science.  He has taken numerous environmental education classes as  part of his major.  In 1998, Matt moved to Oregon with his wife, Heather, and worked at the Wood Gallery on Newport’s bayfront.  While on the coast, Matt also taught Sunday School for first through third graders at the Siletz First Baptist Church.

In 2000, Matt and his wife started Nature Discovery Christian School out of their dedication and desire for children to creatively channel their natural curiosity for science and have the opportunity to attend a unique Christian school that not only teaches the basics, but also fosters a love for God and the natural environment.  The school was moved to Eugene, OR in 2006 after out-growing the Toledo, OR site, which had classrooms for pre-kindergarten through second grade.  Upon relocating, the school has grown in size each year.  Nature Discovery Christian School is now a full elementary and middle school, educating children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.