Katie was raised on the southern Oregon coast.  From childhood she has had a passion for God, nature, and teaching.  Katie’s father is an avid gardener, and her mother is a rock hound.  Both encouraged their children to look at nature with both joy and scientific inquiry.
Science experiments, camping, hiking, gardening, cooking, and crafting were standard fare in the early lives of Katie and her three sisters.
In 2005, Katie moved to Eugene to enter college and pursue a degree in medicine.  Although she enjoyed the sciences, an experience of study abroad led her to shift her focus to Asian Studies.  In 2009 she graduated with a BA in Japanese, with a strong background in environmental studies.  Katie worked in early childhood education before returning to school to earn a Master’s of Education.
In the past seven years, Katie has taught infant through pre-kindergarten as well as middle and high school.  She has also taught Sunday school at her local church.  Her educational philosophy is to encourage students to pursue their curiosities and encourage them in a love for learning and confidence in their capabilities.
Outside of work, Katie lives in rural lane county with her husband and two young children. Her family enjoys reading, gardening, baking, crafting, music and going on adventures.