Mrs. Burton was born in Northern California but moved to Oregon at the age of four. She grew up in North Bend and then moved to Eugene to attend the University of Oregon where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in education with minors in history, French, and special education. She then earned her Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with concentrations in reading and Bible literacy from Concordia University. She has taught in private Christian schools and at a charter school. She has also done independent tutoring and home-schooled her three sons for a while. She was involved in the Boy Scouts for about 20 years. She likes cooking, sewing, and reading, and camping. She is involved in her church’s missions group, and she has been an American Civil War re-enactor since 1995. Her philosophy of education is that “All children can learn. As teachers, it is our responsibility to find out how each child learns and to adapt our teaching to meet each child’s needs.”