Cianna grew up in Lakewood, California. While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Peace Studies, she was given the opportunity to study in Israel. It was there, while working as a teacher at Deheishe Refugee Camp, that Cianna decided to seek a career in Education. After graduating from Chapman University, she began her Postgraduate Studies in the Credentials Program at CSU Dominguez Hills. During her studies, she started working as a First Grade teacher at St. Timothy Lutheran School. After four years, Cianna felt called to the public school system in Los Angeles. She began a new journey as a First and Second Grade teacher at Winter Gardens Elementary School.

In August, 2000, Cianna moved to Eugene, Oregon with her family. During this transition Cianna chose to stay at home with her two small children until they were comfortable with their new environment. In 2007 Cianna decided to go back in to teaching and helped pilot a new First Grade program at Good Samaritan School in Corvallis. In the summer of 2014, Good Samaritan Elementary School closed, bringing Cianna to NDCS. She is passionate about science and has extensive training in Engineering is Elementary and Lego Robotics. As an elementary school teacher, Cianna strives to assist students in forming a strong framework to be effective citizens. She encourages collaboration, inquiry, and a desire for lifelong learning in her students. Her goal is to design a classroom setting that encourages investigation and the practices of asking strong and purposeful questions.