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Searching for the right Eugene private school for your kindergartner? NDCS, located just outside Eugene, Oregon, offers full-day kindergarten, which emphasizes personalized learning, Christian discipleship, and exploration of the natural world.

The small class size and individualized attention given to each kindergartner allows for a learning pace that is tailored to your child’s needs and level of ability.

Come check out our beautiful and historical facilities! Give us a call for visiting hours and information about guided tours.

What sets NDCS Kindergarten apart?

Kindergarten is an exciting time for children. The lessons and habits learned in these formative years will have impacts that last a lifetime. At NDCS, basics are taught (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies) using the HighReach Integrated  Learning System (HILS). Students are also taught “specials,” including art, music, nature study, Bible study, and physical education. These “specials” are offered at various times throughout the week to broaden each child’s knowledge base and skills. Kindergartners also benefit from after-school electives and after-school clubs that are offered on campus.  In addition, kindergartners attend morning chapel, where they hear and learn Bible stories, sing praise and worship songs, and learn to pray for their school and each other.

The integrated curriculum used in kindergarten makes learning meaningful and fun.  Using an integrated curriculum means that there are no set times for the basic school subjects . They are all woven together and presented many times a day and in many ways.  It is not unusual for you child to be learning reading, math, science, and social studies at the same time during the same activity.

NDCS is also unique in offering a nature-focused curriculum, with several nature/science activities planned every week. Our kindergarten program fosters a strong commitment to environmental education and active learning. Our kindergartners love going outdoors and experiencing the wonder and delight God’s creation offers.  As  a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)-focused school, we use the outdoors as our own custom laboratory.

Children appreciate being challenged and love learning in a nurturing, supportive environment. Above all, kindergartners at NDCS are modeled and taught Christian values in the classroom which helps develop their character and academic proficiency.

What is the Kindergarten classroom dynamic?

Your student will be guided through the kindergarten year by a caring teacher who works hard to instill values and moral concepts in the classroom. Also, a small class size guarantees your child will be given much individualized attention and ensures that children can work at their own pace without getting lost in the shuffle or forced to perform tedious tasks they’ve already mastered.  This keeps behavior problems at bay since students are less likely to act out due to boredom or frustration.  Another benefit of a small class size is that kindergarten parents receive detailed progress reports and have access to student portfolio work at any time.  All kindergartners complete monthly evaluation tests which are used to determine which skills need more practice and which have been mastered.  Parent-teacher conferences also help keep parents of kindergartners engaged in their child’s learning. Notes sent home weekly and bi-monthly homework are other great communication tools that can be used to reinforce skills taught in the classroom. Several field trips (all-school and kindergarten-specific) are taken throughout the year, and on-site special events and speakers complement classroom learning.

How will attending Kindergarten at NDCS prepare my child?

Children in kindergarten at NDCS spend their day actively learning through hands-on activities, projects, group discussions, and play.  They are, in essence, expanding their minds, enhancing social skills, building self-confidence, and learning values and respect.  These are important facets for success in future school grades. Students who graduate from the NDCS kindergarten program are more than ready to tackle the next big step…first grade!

What is part of the “Kindergarten Scene” at NDCS?

Students enrolled in the kindergarten program at NDCS take full advantage of our large and beautiful outdoor spaces, which include gardens, a pond, and grassy areas. These areas are perfectly suited for many learning activities.  Two separate playgrounds allow for outside play throughout the seasons. These playgrounds and the open spaces outdoors provide ample room for sports and P.E. activities such as soccer, street hockey, scooters, jump roping, T-ball, kickball, basketball, races, hopscotch, etc.  We have a lot of P.E. equipment that is used by the students during these active times.

Also, in the kindergarten classroom and school library, there is a large selection of excellent books of many grade levels.  Books and easy readers are sent home each week with your kindergartner, which really accelerates each student’s love of reading and contributes to reading success.

Access to a fully-equipped kitchen enables the children to participate in many cooking activities as well as science experiments.  A covered deck area with tables outside the kindergarten classroom provides a place for the students to get outside on rainy day, engage in messy projects, or just “get a little fresh air” as they work on classroom projects.  On nice days, a large patio area off the covered deck is where you can often find our kindergarten students eating snack or lunch, painting, reading, and having classroom lessons.

Extended Hours to Fit Your Schedule

If you cannot pick up your child when school ends at 2:30pm, talk to us about extended care options, including Science Camp. As a small private school, we can make accommodations that other schools might not be able to. Just ask! Our campus opens at 7:30am, serving our families that need before school care. After school care is available until 5:30pm.

Enrollment and School Schedule

NDCS offers a variety of enrollment options for your kindergartner including full week plans, after school care, and more. We accept EDRC payments and offer family discounts. Because we understand school can be a big expense, we work to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to our families.

Full Week (Monday through Friday)

  • 7:30AM-8:30AM Early Start
  • 8:30AM-2:30PM Full Day Kindergarten
  • 2:30PM-3:30PM Afternoon Science Camp
  • 3:30PM-5:30PM After School Care
  • 8:30PM-5:30PM FULL DAY


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