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Fundraisers for Nature Discovery Christian School

Nature Discovery Christian School is run solely on student tuition, therefore any extra needs are provided for through donations and fundraising efforts. The PTA organizes and puts on several different fundraisers to raise money to provide for these extra needs. For information regarding fundraisers or to make a donation to the school please contact Nature Discovery Christian School at 541-689-3027

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Matt taking a pie to the face for charity! All for a good cause. Thank you for helping us grow our school.

School Needs:

Wooden picnic tables (2)
Powder tempura paint(set of 10 colors) – $40
Gallon sized paints w/pumps(set of 10 colors) – $135
Landscape/lumber/plants – $100
Scooter storage poles (2) -$100

Current Fundraisers

Cosmos Creations

$2 a Bag!!!!!!

We get 100% of the proceeds thanks to our generous sponsor Guaranty Chevrolet. 100% of the proceeds! That is huge. Flavors are – Salted Caramel and Coconut Crunch flavored!


Our students had a great time bowling and pledging for our school! All funds collected will be used for the school.
We’ll be running this every spring!

The Great Can War!

Parents and students! NDCS is having a can and bottle war between the classes. The goal is to bring in the most cans and bottles, or receipts with money, to your classroom teacher before October 29th. The class with the most money will win a pizza party on October 31st. This is a fun way to go out and meet some neighbors, save the environment, help your schoo,l and win a pizza party. May the best class win! Happy can war!

This is an event we run every fall and winter so be prepared for another great can war!

Box Tops For Education

Keep saving those box tops. Every dime makes a difference! We have new class winners and individual each month!

For a list of qualifying products and to track our school’s progress visit: Box Tops for Education

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