Nature Discovery Christian School – Elementary

Private Schools in Eugene, Oregon – Elementary

When choosing a private school in the Eugene area, you should take several factors into account – What values does the school support? How is classroom instruction handled? Where is the school’s academic focus? How is this school different from so many others?

Christian Values and Principles

Students participate in regular chapel services where their involvement is valued and encouraged. Our ABEKA based curriculum teaches from a Biblical worldview.



Instruction That Fits Your Child

We believe that a challenged, engaged student is a successful student. Our smaller school format allows us to teach in a more personalized way. Plus, our after-school clubs allow your child to use the skills they have learned in the classroom in exciting real-world applications.

Focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM based program that goes beyond the classroom. We use nature as our laboratory, and you can count on frequent opportunities for project-based learning to enrich, enhance, and contextualize your child’s in-class instruction. Children are natural scientists. All they need are the tools, and they will amaze you with what they learn. NDCS strives to equip each and every student with the tools they need to understand and appreciate our wonderful world.

What Makes Nature Discovery Christian School Different From Other Private Schools?

NDCS is a great Eugene area private school option for your first through twelth grade. (Because we offer a strong spiritual focus, personalized instruction, emphasis on STEM subjects and a nature-based curriculum) NDCS offers a unique private schools experience.

Several enrollment options are available to fit your needs, including before- and after-school care and multiple sibling discounts.

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